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Thanks for visiting Ye Olde Piano Shop. I appreciate you taking the time to find out more about my services from piano tuning to complete piano restoration.

Piano Tuning

Is your piano sounding a little off key? A piano tuning is just what the certified piano technician recommends. I will come to your home, church, school, or college and tune your piano.

Piano tuning is my specialty! With over twenty years in the business, I can assure you, your piano will sound like new again.

Piano Humidifier Dehumidifier

Pianos go out of tune because of changes in humidity. Increase your piano's life and reduce the need for tuning by having me install a Piano Life Saver System from Dampp-Chaser in your piano.

Piano Lessons

Imagine playing the piano like a pro pianist. It is possible! Take piano lessons at Ye Olde Piano Shop. You and/or your child will learn to appreciate music better.

You will learn the power of piano lessons. You will learn the three C's... Concentration, Coordination, and Confidence. These skills will help you and your child obtain your greatest potential in life.

Pramberger Pianos and Sohmer Pianos

Looking for value in a new piano at an attractive price? Ye Olde Piano Shop is an authorized dealer for Pramberger and Sohmer pianos.

Over twenty years of experience working on all brands of pianos gives me the insight of what to look for in a quality piano. That is why I chose to be a dealer for Pramberger and Sohmer pianos. Make an appointment and I will share my expertise with you.

Low overhead makes it possible for me to offer you a high quality piano at a lower price than those fancy piano stores. Get my price!

Do you have an old piano to trade in on a new Pramberger or Sohmer piano? I may be interested in your piano if your piano is in decent shape.

Plus I will give you personal service should the need arise in the future.

Pre-Owned Pianos

Can't afford a new piano? Ask me about my pre-owned pianos. Each piano has been repaired or restored. These pianos offer you great value at a reasonable price.

Piano Repair

Does your piano have a few keys that no longer work? Call me for an appointment to repair your piano. I will have it fixed and in working order again.

Piano Restoration

Before you throw that old, maybe antique piano out, consider having it restored by Ye Olde Piano Shop. Older pianos should be preserved if possible. The craftsmanship in these antique pianos is better than some newer cheaper brands you find in stores today.

Call me Monday through Saturday at 262-377-6901 for a personal appointment. I am often away on service calls, but I will return your call.

Thanks again for visiting Ye Olde Piano Shop in Cedarburg Wisconsin.

Piano Tuning - Milwaukee & SE Wisconsin - Ye Olde Piano Shop
Piano tuning turns your off-key piano into a beautiful sounding musical instrument. Ye Olde Piano Shop's owner is a certified piano technician and piano tuner. I will come to your home, school, church
Piano Humidifier Dehumidifier - Piano Life Saver System - Dampp-Chaser
Install a piano humidifier dehumidifier and double your piano's life! Ye Olde Piano Shop, in Cedarburg WI, recommends installing a piano humidifier dehumidifier known as the Piano Life Saver System.
Take Piano Lessons At Ye Olde Piano Shop Cedarburg WI
Take piano lessons and enjoy a lifetime of music! Piano lessons give your child an appreciation for music. More importantly they help your child's development in many ways.
Pramberger Pianos Recommended By Ye Olde Piano Shop Cedarburg WI
Pramberger pianos! Imagine owning one of these beauties! Pramberger pianos give you a quality instrument at a reasonable price! They come in both grand and upright styles.
Sohmer Pianos Lowest Prices Available
Sohmer pianos are in the best of homes! Why not yours? Can't afford an expensive grand piano? Consider Sohmer pianos. Hugo Sohmer invented the 5'0" baby grand piano in 1884. It's legacy lives on
Piano Repair By Ye Olde Piano Shop - Cedarburg & SE Wisconsin
Professional piano repair will make your broken piano like new again! Timely piano repairs are essential to keeping your piano in top playing order. Neglecting your piano's maintenance can cause more
Professional Piano Restoration Refinishing & Rebuilding
Professional piano restoration turns your ugly piano into a beautiful masterpiece! Don't throw away your old piano, restore it! Ye Olde Piano Shop of Cedarburg WI can restore your grand, or upright
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