Install A Piano Humidifier Dehumidifier
And Double Your Piano's Life!

Ye Olde Piano Shop, in Cedarburg WI, recommends installing a piano humidifier dehumidifier known as the Piano Life Saver System from Dampp-Chaser, especially in new pianos.


Humidity! The air in your Wisconsin home changes dramatically throughout the year. In the summer the air can be hot and humid. In the winter the air becomes very dry.

Even in an air-conditioned home, you will see changes in humidity. These humidity extremes will seriously affect your piano.

No doubt you have noticed in your own home, that your doors tend to stick in the summer months. This is caused by high humidity. Your wood doors swell because the wood absorbs moisture from the air.

In the winter months the air in your home becomes drier. Perhaps you have noticed the joints on your dining room chairs becoming loose.

The same thing happens to your piano. The high humidity can cause your keys to stick down. Ugh! This becomes a real nuisance.

Likewise your piano keys become sluggish in high humidity. You will notice that they just don't respond like they should.

High humidity can cause more damage to your piano. The metal strings begin to rust and corrode when exposed to humidity over a period of time. Eventually, if this continues, you will need to replace your piano strings.

Not only do your piano strings rust and corrode, the pins that the piano strings wrap around also rust and corrode. When your piano technician tunes your piano by stretching the strings, they will break at the joint resulting in costly repairs.

New pianos especially need a piano humidifier dehumidifier. The wood in new pianos in general is not as high quality as in older pianos. Many piano manufacturers recommend installing this option.

You can avoid these problems and extend the life of your piano by having Ye Olde Piano Shop's certified piano technician install a Piano Life Saver System.

Piano Life Saver System

The piano humidifier dehumidifier I install is a Piano Life Saver System from Dampp-Chaser. This piano humidifier dehumidifier is installed out-of-sight inside your piano.

The Piano Life Saver System keeps the humidity levels inside your piano consistent continuously. It will automatically keep the humidity in a safe zone of about 45 percent.

The Piano Life Saver System keeps your piano's soundboard and other wooden parts at the right moisture levels. This will help prevent damage to your piano. You should also notice the pitch is more stable than when there are wide humidity swings.

The Piano Life Saver System is made up of three main parts.

The humidistat is the electronic brain that senses the moisture in the wooden parts of your piano.

The dehumidifier uses air currents to draw away moisture in your piano when the humidity rises.

The humidifier adds moisture to the dry wood in your piano when the humidity level decreases.

For more information about how a piano humidifier dehumidifier can help you double the life of your piano, call Ye Olde Piano Shop at 262-377-6901 today and arrange a personal no cost consultation.

I am listed as one of the most experienced installers by Dampp-Chaser (new window) in South East Wisconsin including Cedarburg, Elm Grove, Greendale, Mequon, Milwaukee, New Berlin, Oak Creek, Waukesha, Wauwatosa, and surrounding areas.

I will install your Piano Life Saver System in the Sheboygan, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Waukesha, Washington, and Racine counties.

If you are buying a new piano through Ye Olde Piano Shop and having me install a Dampp-Chaser piano humidifier dehumidifier at the time of purchase, I will ship your piano to any state in mid-western US.

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