Take Piano Lessons And Enjoy A Lifetime Of Music!

Piano lessons give your child an appreciation for music. More importantly they help your child's development in many ways.

Your child will learn concentration, coordination and confidence - the "3Cs". These qualities will help your child reach his/her greatest potential in life. They can even make you smarter says a Forbes magazine article. (new window)


A child begins by reading a single line of music and playing those notes with one hand. This teaches your child simple concentration.

As lessons progress, your child increases his/her concentration by reading two lines of music. He/she will use both hands, feet, legs, arms, and ears with the brain giving each body member a different assignment simultaneously.

What other activity requires your child to exercise all of their members with such dexterity?


Piano lessons teach your child coordination. Reading two lines of music and playing with both hands with each having a different assignment teaches your child coordination.

Your child also learns better eye-hand coordination. This skill transfers to other daily activities and sports. Both sides of your brain will also be needed and exercised.


Piano lessons will help your child gain confidence. Their self-esteem will grow as they succeed with their lessons. Lessons are a natural confidence builder. Playing a piano is a great accomplishment.

Your child doesn't have to be a perfectionist pianist to gain many benefits from taking lessons. Your child will most likely be a better student in all of their classes getting better grades than if they never took lessons.

Most Valuable Players Spend Time On The Bench

That's where they gain confidence, the coordination, and concentration that helps make them winners. On the playing field. At school. In Life. Give a child the gift of music. It is valuable beyond words.

-- Author Unknown

Take Piano Lessons At Ye Olde Piano Shop

I have arranged with Pru Palecek to teach your child piano. She will teach lessons at Ye Olde Piano Shop in Cedarburg Wisconsin, in addition to, her home in Port Washington.

Pru is an outstanding piano teacher. She has taught piano for over a decade in Ozaukee county. She has been playing piano since age 7.

Pru extended her music abilities by being a student of music at the University of Wisconsin and in the piano program at the Hochschule fur Musik in Vienna Austria.

Pru also studied with N. Jan Tan organizing the Well Prepared Pianist Institute for Milwaukee teachers.

Pru teaches piano to young children from about age six through adult. She teaches beginner piano lessons through advanced lessons.

Pru teaches a thorough piano curriculum. You will learn technique, reading, ear training, scales, chords, and a repertoire from all music genres. Enjoy Bach to the Beatles.

Pru can tailor the lessons to your child's individual learning styles, strengths and interest.

Getting Started

You will need an acoustic piano and not a keyboard. Your piano should be well tuned before beginning lessons. A tuned piano is essential to the proper development of your child.

Your child needs to be able to hear the correct sound of a tuned piano. I can tune your piano if needed. Of course, you will find a tuned piano at my shop to play. You will also need a piano at home for practice.

Call Pru Palecek today at 262-268-7052 to schedule your child's piano lessons at Ye Olde Piano Shop. You will be glad you did!

Who knows, maybe someday you will be able to play a piano like Emily Bear. Watch as Emily plays Ellen's Song (new window) and The Love In Us (new window).

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