Pramberger Pianos!
Imagine Owning One Of These Beauties!

Pramberger pianos give you a quality instrument at a reasonable price! They come in both grand and upright styles.

Pramberger pianos are my favorites. In the piano industry, we use the term "price points", or in other words, what is the cost in relation to the quality. This piano gives you a quality instrument for your money. That is why I chose to become a dealer for them.

Pramberger Grand Piano

What do I like about this piano? I especially like its music scale. You need to hear this piano to appreciate what I mean.

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Piano History

Joseph Pramberger started his company, which bares his name, to restore and rebuild pianos in 1987. He came from a long ancestry of piano makers. Seven generations of piano makers dating back to the late 1700s in Vienna, Austria.

Joseph worked for twenty-nine years at Steinway & Son's® the renowned piano makers in Astoria, New York. He held several positions including Design and Project Engineer, later Vice President of Manufacturing, and Chairman of the International Technical Exchange Group.

In 2000, the Platinum Edition World Class Grand Piano models JP-185 and JP-208 were introduced. The fine Old World European craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation lives on in JP Pramberger pianos today.

What Makes A Quality Piano?

According to the expert piano makers, "there are five major components that influence a piano's tone: soundboard, bridges, ribs, strings, and perhaps most importantly...hammers".

Bolduc soundboards are used in the these pianos. These soundboards are known for their reliability and unsurpassed quality. The original asymmetrical Canadian White Spruce is used in the soundboards. The PV-118S is made of Sitka spruce.

The hammers are the most critical aspect of the piano's tonal system. These pianos use the Renner-Blue Label AAA hammers specified for this piano. The design team worked with Renner to produce the Pramberger/Renner Premium Performance action.

Add in German Roslau strings and solid maple bridges, and you have a quality piano you would be proud to own.

All action components are made of maple.

Quality grand pianos use only the best hardwoods for the piano's rim. Oak, Maple, and Beech are used. There isn't any room for cost cutting compromises here.

The grand piano bottom beams and the back post on upright pianos are made of spruce tone wood.

Sand casting process is used to make the iron plates. This centuries old process is the superior method over the mass produced vacuum casting process used in lesser pianos today.

You have a great choice in both grand and upright pianos.

Pramberger Grand Piano in Black

Grand Pianos

The grand pianos come in thirteen models. They are:

  • JP-280E
  • JP-228C
  • JP-208B
  • JP-190A
  • JP-179L
  • JP-160S
  • PS-185
  • PS-175
  • PS-157
  • PS-150
  • LG-157
  • LG-150
  • LG-140

My favorite grand piano is the Pramberger Signature Series PS-175 model. It comes in six different finishes. They are:

  • Ebony High Polish
  • Ebony Satin
  • Mahogany High Polish
  • Mahogany Lacquer Semi-Gloss
  • Walnut Lacquer Semi-Gloss
  • Cherry Lacquer Semi-Gloss

This grand piano weighs in at 749.5 pounds. It has a height of 40 1/2 inches. Its Width is 59 3/10 inches. The soundboard area is 1,935 square inches. The #1 Bass string measures 50 4/5 inches.

Watch and listen to a Pramberger PS-185 grand piano in action. (New Window)

Pramberger Upright Piano

Upright Pianos

The upright or vertical pianos come in fifteen models. They are:

  • JP-131
  • JP-125
  • JP-116
  • JP-118F
  • JP-118T
  • PV-110F
  • PV-110T
  • PV-110R
  • PV-121
  • PV-131
  • PV-118S
  • LV-118
  • LV-108
  • LV-43F
  • LV-43T

My favorite upright piano is the PV-118 model. This model is a hard to find 46 inch studio model. "The PV-118S is designed for institutional use, where structural and musical performance must be at their highest." Consider this piano.

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You will be proud to own a Pramberger piano. Call me at 262-377-6901 to schedule a private playing session. You will be glad you did!

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