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Can't afford an expensive grand piano? Consider Sohmer pianos. Hugo Sohmer invented the 5'0" baby grand piano in 1884. It's legacy lives on in the Sohmer 50T.

Sohmer Grand Piano 77E

Sohmer & Co. was founded in 1872. Its main factory was built on the East river in Astoria, Queens, New York. Some of the grandest pianos were built in the Sohmer factory.

Hugo Sohmer was a musician himself. His musical ear was keenly aware of a piano's tonal characteristics. His pianos received much praise and were desired by the rich and famous.

Famous owners of Sohmer pianos included Fred Astaire, Irving Berlin, William Randolph Hearst, Katharine Hepburn, and Eartha Kitt according to Sohmer & Co.

Sohmer Grand Piano

Today the tradition lives on. Their six grand piano models include the Sohmer 50T, 63T, 77E, 77F, 77H, and 90T.

The grand piano models use maple for the outer rim. They employ the famous Pratt Reed Premium action along with hornbeam rails. They use solid brass hardware, forged brass pedals, and a sand cast plate.

Renner hammers are used in the most critical aspect of the piano's tonal system. The soundboard is made of Strunz, that is, German solid spruce.

Spruce keybed and maple dowels are used. These pianos have a slow close fallboard. A tone collector is found on some models.

The grand pianos also include Agraffes. According to Wikipedia,

"The agraffe is a guide at the tuning-pin end of the string, screwed into the plate, with holes through which the strings pass. It anchors the strings, ensures proper height and determines the speaking length of the string. Quality agraffes are usually made of solid brass but can be painted or plated steel."

Sohmer Vertical Piano

The upright or vertical models include the Sohmer 43T, 43F, 47s, and 48P. Stylish decorative cabinetry is a hallmark of this brand of pianos.

The uprights use the original Sohmer Model scale. The soundboard is constructed of premium solid spruce.

A slow close fallboard is included on these models. There are five full-length spruce backposts and a sand cast plate.

Watch and listen to this Sohmer. (New Window)

Sohmer pianos (new window) prices are a notch above mid-range Pramberger pianos. (new window) The stylish decorative cabinetry is a contributing factor to this piano's cost and price.

Still, you will find my low prices very competitive. I am able to offer you a better price due to my low overhead. I can have Sohmer pianos shipped to your home anywhere in the mid-west USA.

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